At Irdeto, we encourage all of our employees to be themselves while building a positive environment where everyone feels included. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is part of our identity and our global mindset helps us to continue growing daily.





Did you know that 65+ nationalities are represented within Irdeto? We are a multicultural organization! We are as different as similar from each other and we can trust and respect one another for who we are. All Irdetees co-create our organizational culture and we are committed to equip our people with the tools needed to communicate and build trust cross-culturally. Additionally, we empower our colleagues to highlight the many cultures present in our organization

Sustainability in Irdeto

At Irdeto, sustainability means protecting our shared future, renewing our planet and empowering people and communities. We focus on our people, planet and purpose by championing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), adhering to international sustainability standards and integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into all of our programs and policies. These actions will empower the growth of our sustainability initiatives, meaningfully integrate our ambitions and create value for Irdeto within our industries, communities and world. Through collaboration, Irdeto is accountable for creating a sustainable, responsible and secure world.

Social Responsibility Programs

We have a series of global programs that empower our people to:

  • Give back to our society

    Each Irdetee can use volunteer days so that they can give back to their communities. When people get together and work towards the same goal their impact becomes much bigger. From cooking meals for refugees and the homeless to fishing plastic out of the canals in Amsterdam and removing trash from the mountains of Beijing – Our Irdetees are creating a positive impact everywhere they go!

  • Share their knowledge

    Through internal mentoring programs, Tech Gardens and partnerships to increase the access to quality education for underprivileged groups preparing them to enter the world of tech.

  • Keep the 'life in Wildlife

    By partnering with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to protect animals by leveraging Irdeto’s suite of cybersecurity services and technologies to investigate, identify and disrupt the sale of animal parts on the internet and help locate and arrest the criminals responsible for this illegal trading. 

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